Two online Iyengar workshops with Eddy & Mary

בזום בלבד

שישי 17:00 12.2.2021
שבת 17:00 13.2.2021

אלהיוגה בנמל

Two online Iyengar workshops with Eddy & Mary

Fitting the Pose to the Breath - 12.2 // 17:00-18:30 Israel time
Beyond working on the body and creating ‘openness’ is the art of skillfully adjusting the body so that the nourishing breath spreads and bathes every cell of our inner frame with vitality.

Twists: Wringing out the Stress - 13.2 // 17:00-18:30 Israel time
During this difficult time, twisting poses may not be the first clan of poses you turn to for de-stressing. But twistings do have that quality of wringing you out, leaving you both empty (abdominal area/apana vayu) and buoyed up (chest and heart area/prana vayu). In this class, we’ll be getting all wound up in order to wind down.

Both classes are suitable for all levels.

Prop List:

Chair, Blocks, Bolster, Wall, Blankets, Belt


Cost- Each lesson costs 75 NIS (22$)
*Zoom links will be sent via email onthe day of each the event.
**Recording of the lesson will be sent via email and will be available for 48 hours.