Trini - Aqua Sun Rooms

Surrounded by the peace and serenity of the desert, facing the Red Sea 

and home to stunning coral reefs. Aqua Sun is ringed by the dramatic red mountains,

recalling the magnificent glories of ancient time.

Aqua Sun resort offers 2Km of private sandy beach where you

can relax and unwind. The accommodation follow traditional

Egyptian style and all rooms are equipped with air condition

and private bathrooms. 

Beach huts located on a sandy strip of beach.

All prices are for 4 nights, including breakfast and dinner, and participation in all classes and events

Double Room
Price per Person: 2450 ₪
Triple Room
Price per Person: 2280 ₪
Husha - beach hut
Price per Person: 2150 ₪
Deluxe room
Price per Person: 2590 ₪
Suite - up to 3 people
price per person for double occupancy
Price per Person: 2750 ₪
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