Pranayama with Navaz Kamdin

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Saturday 9:30 20.4.2024
Saturday 9:30 11.5.2024
Saturday 9:30 1.6.2024
Saturday 9:30 22.6.2024
Saturday 9:30 13.7.2024

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We are happy to announce the continuing of pranayama practice with one of the most significant teachers in Iyengar yoga in the world.

Pranayama with Navaz

Series of 5 sessions- on Saturdays at 9:30-12:00 Israel time.

Meeting dates: 22.4, 13.5, 3.6, 24.6, 15.7 (no entry partway).

The series is suitable for practitioners with experience of two years of Iyengar yoga and above.

The lesson will begin with a short practice to prepare the body for pranayama and then a pranayama practice.

Equipment list: bolster, 3-4 blankets, 2 belts, block and yoga chair / regular chair.



 Closest to the source, the woman who was there in the early moments of Guruji. Navaz began studying yoga at the age of 11 with the Iyengar family even before the opening of RIMYI, and has 50 years of teaching experience.

Practicing with Navaz is the closest thing to practicing with the Iyengar family. Guruji, Geetaji and Prashantji. They taught and accompanied her all her life. Geetaji personally instructed her in teaching pranayama.

Navaz modestly testifies about herself and says: "I was lucky - I was in the right place at the right time."


Cost: 5 sessions

Subscriptions: 250 NIS / 78USD

Guests: 290 NIS / 91USD

*Zoom links will be sent via email 2 days before the event.

**Recording of the lesson will be sent via email and will be available for 21 days.