Gabriella Gibilaro joins us for a weekly class

The class will continue until June 29

בזום בלבד

רביעי 19:00 8.6.2022
רביעי 19:00 15.6.2022
רביעי 19:00 22.6.2022
רביעי 19:00 29.6.2022

אלהיוגה בנמל

Gabriella Gibilaro joins us for a weekly class on zoom

starting January 12th, 3 times a month on Wednesdays (except the first Wednesday of each month)

we'll meet from 19:00-20:00 (18:00-19:30 Europe time).

The classes will be Iyenger level 2.

GabrielIa Gibilaro is a senior and esteemed Iyengar teacher who teaches all over the world. Gabriella studied personally with great teachers - BKS, Geeta and Prasent Iyengar and after her studies she opened the Yoga Center of Florence.


Price list:

Monthly unlimited Subscription to zoom classes + Gabriella - 455 NIS / 127 EUR

Monthly participation for Gabriella - 150 NIS / 42 EUR

Single lesson - 60 NIS / 17 EUR

*Zoom links will be sent via email a day before the event.
**Recording of the lesson will be sent via email and will be available for 7 days.