Rocket yoga masterclass

With Leon London

זמין גם בזום

שבת, 8/5/2021 בשעה 17:30

אלהיוגה בנמל

"The Starship!"

Saturday 8.5 // 17:30-20:00

Finally a Longer rocket class that you can explore variations and possibilities within your reach and beyond your expectations...
This workshop is open to all yogis that like to fly and have fun, and who dare to try something new .
You will take your practice to another level and get stronger and more open on your journey, based on rocket "Happy hour " but extended; utilizing asanas from rocket one, Two and three, and small influences from other styles like Dharma yoga and classical Ashtanga to add more flavor.

The workshop will also be available on zoom.

Suitable for practitioners who practice over a year on a regular basis.

What is Rocket Yoga?
Ashtanga-Vinyasa rocket originated in the early 1990s in San Francisco. The method was developed by Larry Schultz, a student of Fantabi Joyce. The style is characterized by challenging asanas from the Ashtanga series that are generally delivered and accessible to practitioners. it's a fun and challenging flow, that emphasizes inverted postures and balance, in addition to pelvic and heart openness.

About Leon London:
A veteran rocket yoga teacher; Former boxer and capoeira teacher. He teaches workshops and retreats across Europe, sharing his knowledge and experience in a fun and intriguing way. Leon studied with David Swanson, David Kyle and practiced with Kino McGregor, Patrick Beach, Danny Paradise, Dog Swanson, David Robson and Simon Oliver-Burg.



Members/Zoom – 140NIS

Guests – 170NIS