Rocket MasterClass Community Gathering

With Leon London

שבת, 28/1/2023, 18:00 - 16:00

אלהיוגה בנמל

Leon London is back to Ellayoga port!

Join us for awesome Rocket yoga masterclass with Leon who came all the way from London.

Rocket Master Class –Intergalactic Mode!

28.1.23 // 16:00-18:00

This practice introduces the practitioner to the three faces of the practice of Rocket 1.5, based on the primary sequence of Ashtanga but with additions from the advanced series as well!

An invitation to connect to your inner guru and prescribe the level of asana depending on your condition 

We will explore variations: arm balances, interesting transitions and unusual drills and techniques to enhance and strengthen your practice. This practice is open to all dynamic yoga practitioners who want to deepen their practice. All that is needed is an open mind and a playful heart ❤️

*The workshop is for intermediate/Advanced practitioners

** The class will taught in English



Leon London

Leon London‘s yoga story started 20 years ago, his first practice was with Billy Doyle (BWY), and it was the beginning of a lifelong passion.
Involved in martial arts from a very early age, Leon has always been intrigued by the possibilities and potential of the body, this led him on his journey to study many forms of physical culture; from boxing to Capoeira and he became a qualified sports massage therapist in 1999.
Leon has studied Kashmir Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga and Rocket / Progressive Ashtanga yoga & hot yoga, and practices Dharma yoga.

Leon previously owned his owned his own yoga and fitness studios, where he taught (and still teaches) a fusion of arts inspired by practising along some of the world's best practitioners; this includes the unique traditional Indian club training & kettlebells, as well as functional style fitness and movement patterns. He is also a primal flow teacher, fitness and movement coach.


Maayan Shenhar

Maayan Shenhar is an Ashtanga Vinyasa, Yin Dharma and Rocket teacher. Her classes offer practitioners the opportunity to try challenging asanas with humor and playfulness, as well as explore yogic philosophy in a simple and practical manner.  

Maayan is the Founder of Sira Yoga Studios. She has been practicing Ashtanga since the age of 17, and has studied with Dharma Mittra, Caroline Clebb, and David Swenson. Her approach to yoga is inspired by a Philosophy Degree.



Masterclass for subscribers - 100 NIS

Masterclass for guests - 120 NIS



In case of cancellation until the 25.1 - a refund will be given except for 50 NIS.

From the 26.1 - no refund will be given.