Ashtanga Yoga, Philosophy, Pranayama & Meditation

with Kia Naddermier

חמישי 18:30 4.5.2023
שישי 9:00 5.5.2023
שבת 9:30 6.5.2023

אלהיוגה בשרונה

Kia Naddermier has more than 25 years of experience of Ashtanga Yoga.

She is an international teacher and founder of  Mysore Yoga Paris, a global Ashtanga Yoga community dedicated to a holistic, multi-layered approach to practice.
She mentors teachers and gives trainings, workshops and retreats globally. Kia is a highly skilled and compassionate Pranayama teacher certified to teach at
the highest level within the Kavalyadham lineage.

Being a devoted meditation practitioner, her teachings draw extensively from traditional Buddhist teachings of Mindfulness, Meditation and Loving Kindness.
With a genuine dedication to the growth and development of her students, Kia offers a non-dogmatic, inclusive and creative space open for personal
exploration and inquiry. Her deep love and years of dedication to all aspects of practice shines through in her warm, insightful and inspirational teaching.
Together with sound artist Yotam Agam, she has co-created the much appreciated podcast Mysore Yoga Paris - Closer Together offering free practice resources available for all.


Awakening all layers of practice – body, breath & mind
Cultivating a practice that brings about a fully embodied and cohesive sense of being is key for the depths of yoga to unfold. Kia’s teaching integrates the
practice & philosophy of Ashtanga Yoga with Pranayama & Meditation. Including multiple aspects and perspectives allows us to grow a transformational yet
sustainable practice rooted in personal inquiry. This Intensive is designed for all practitioners and teachers looking to deepen their understanding of yoga as
a whole, involving all layers – body, breath and mind.


Workshop Program will be published soon

* Kia will be assisted in all classes by Yotam Agam